How to Forgive & Stop Living It

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Mama Drama Trauma is a condition in which the mother projects unhealed aspects of herself onto her child causing emotional and, or physical trauma. When she is unwilling, unable or unavailable to heal her own Mama Drama Trauma, because it is a cycle, loving detachment is required for the child to live a happy, healthy and whole life.

MDT is a planetary disorder.

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On-air MDT healing readings

Ask questions about Mama Drama Trauma (MDT) to get MDT informed while learning to read The Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck! As an Inner Work Life Coach specializing in MDT for twelve years, it was specifically created to heal this condition.


If you have even a little tiny bit of curiousity about this I urge you to just get a deck, learn it and get a reading from Tammy for more information. Invaluable healing information.

Debbie Burns, Largo, FL

This deck, guys. Ms. Tammy Taylor is a gift. The divine love, wisdom, and beauty put into this deck helped me to unpack wounds I thought I would always drag around with me. I’ve shared this deck with my friends and clients and have seen them ALL shine. Tammy’s wisdom is priceless and the healing CONTENT of this deck is immense. This is the most affordable Oracle deck I own and it’s the one that changed me because it was designed as a TOOL for people carrying a very specific type of pain. This deck is the one, y’all. It’s spiritually inclusive, too ✨💫

Cassandra C.

If you've been needing any kind of life guidance, I highly recommend you book an appointment or class with Tammy ASAP.

 Dr. Michael R. Smith, Master Intuitive Coach & author 'The Complete Empath Toolkit'

Working with Tammy and using this deck I definitely now have a greater sense of self awareness and more focus on the goals I need to accomplish unique to me.

Lauren W, Oregon