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Mama Drama Trauma

How to Forgive & Stop Living It

Mama Drama Trauma "a condition in which the mother projects unhealed aspects of herself onto the chid causing emotional and/or physical trauma. MDT is a cycle."

Individuals whose mothers are unable, unwilling or unavailable to heal their own MDT, must let go of the mother we want to accept the one we have.


The readings, support groups, tutorials and blogs lovingly support

individuals to live in loving detachment from the mama, the drama and the trauma. Our work here emancipates us to live beyond MDT.


The healing approach of letting go of the mother we want to accept the one we have is an MDT grieving process that allows us to embrace our divinity identity as children of the Mother of All Mothers, Great Mother.


Lunar phases, the chakras, god and goddess archetypes represent Great Mother, Moon, The Still Small Voice of the Holy Spirit, The Comforter and intuition-- define the Great Mother Speaks healing oracle deck we use.

It is my hope you find this site, its information, and the use of ancient signs and symbols effective instruments in awakening your intuition. My intention is for it to be a resourceful, affordable, and seamless in facilitating relief and release from Mama Drama Trauma (MDT).

The Blogger

Tammy Taylor, Inner Work Life Coach &

Oracle Deck Inventor

In 2012 in response to a Facebook request for show guests hoping to receive help on the pilot season of Iyanla Fix My Life on OWN, I wrote a letter to producers describing my emotional battle and exhaustion with MDT. I expressed how much I love my mother and desire a relationship with her, but had come to the conclusion we were unable to heal our relationship on our own. Within days, we were in preproduction interviews which to my utter devastation came to a bitter halt when I was informed Mama refused to participate. As one of the first to request assistance in what is now the show's thematic premise, they commend my courage for reaching out and wished me well in my healing journey.

At the time, I was an inspirational speaker and media producer at a loss for words and a shrinking platform. My fledging inner work life coaching business focused on emotional resilience stalled as I lost my own ability to bounce back. 

Shook, angry and afraid, I prayed to the Holy Spirit to guide my intuition to health, happiness and wholeness and what was left of my life that did not serve my healing totally fell apart--including what I had called a relationship with my mother. By 2014 I had no clients, no money, and no longer willing to play the high stakes emotional game to have a  relationship with my mother, that was gone too. What I did have was a loving and supportive man in my life, and the 49-card oracle Great Mother, That Still Small Voice, The Comforter--my intuition--had downloaded to me and to heal myself and others it sent to me. Resume here.

Professional Services

Healing Modalities

Sign up for MDT support groups, a Great Mother Speaks readings and the link to purchase your own deck which includes a "how to read" tutorial. Learn more and click the link to get in touch about a specific offering. Purchase deck here.

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Oracle Readings

Clarity ~ Balance ~ Confirmation

I am committed to sharing the healing wisdom and guidance provided by Great Mother through the reading of the signs and symbols of this deck. The pain of accepting MDT activates the kundalini, or "fire of enlightenment" which empowers our ability, willingness and availability to release the MDT identity of shame, blame and guilt and embrace divinity identity of being a:

1)divine child of the Great Mother Father God

2)who is never judged, condemned, or 3)left alone.

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MDT Support Groups

Expert Service

With the experience and skills necessary to tackle the grieving process involved in letting go of the mother you want so you accept the one you have, online group meetings, chats, etc. are powerful tools in achieving exceptional healing results.


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Oracle Tutoring

Attention to Detail

Learn how to use your MDT Oracle Deck to most clearly and accurating interpret emotion and intuition for the healing results you need and deserve.

The lunar cycle is one of the most trusted gauges of season, weather and the timing to best release toxic emotions from the body mind. Tutorials relate your moon sign to your unique brand of self mothering and how to do so effectively at any time and in any situation.

You probably thought you were alone before you came here, but MDT is the new normal. As you heal yours, remember no one knows you better than you, so always opt for spiritual tools that build the intuitive clarity, balance and confirmation you need to trust it.

Living in loving detachment is the best thing that ever happened to me! I first heard about MDT on the YouTube channel, but when I started working with my own deck and the support group, my healing process really took off. 

You can count on Tammy to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.She makes you feel like she's always so excited to work with you!

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